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Sights - Natural Beauty

At Gaios

-The fortress of Agios Nikolaos on the island bearing the same name permission must be obtained from the municipal authority. Tel. 2662032100
-The Monastery of Panagia on the small island bearing the same name.( Ask to be taken by Chrysanthos)
-The church of the Holly Apostles (Agii Apostoli):located behind the bus stop.
-The Paleo-Christian church of Agia Marina in Porto Ozia, at the end of the coastal road, before turning for Mogonissi.
-The Museum of Paxos-opening hours 11:00-13:00 and 19:30-22:30 tel.:2662032566
-The cisterns of Eleousa above the church in Vlahopoulatika.
-The cisterns of Agii Apostoli, to the right of the church with the same name
-The cisterns of Agii Anargyri above the church
-The Mill of Lesianiti at Tranakatika
-The cliff of Mousmouliou from Tranakatika
-Ostries for the view of Avlakiou and the sunset. From the road to the right of the church of Agia Paraskevi in Bogdanatika.
-The beaches: Kloni Gouli, Kamini, Kaki Lagada. On the road after the new harbour. At the first junction turn right towards Platanos-Loggos.

At Antipaxos

-The sandy beaches of Vrika and Voutoumi: by high-speedboat from the harbours or by fishing boat or other boats.

-The traditional vineyards

-The spring of Kaloiri