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Ferien-Messe Wien exhibition

The Municipality of Paxos are excited to announce “The Kiss of Paxos” competition which will run during the exhibition Ferien-Messe Wien dates 15/1 -18/1, GRIECHENLAND STAND Α0509 Messeplatz 1, A-1021 Wien between 12:00 and 18:00.

The contest is based on Greek Mythology.  According to Greek myth Paxos was created by the Greek god of the sea Poseidon, as a peaceful retreat for himself and his lover Amphitriti. As legend suggests, with an almighty blow of his trident, Poseidon struck off the southern tip of Corfu and Paxos emerged from the Ionian waves to settle just south of Corfu. The trident has thus been adopted as the emblem of the island and stands as a reference to its mythical past.

The lucky winners of the contest will receive three days free accommodation, a trip around the island of Paxos in a traditional boat and three complimentary meals for two people.


Ferien-Messe Wien exhibition