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The Paxos Municipality investigates new ways of waste management

The Mayor of Paxos, Spiros Vlachopoulos, took part in a working conference on waste management in the German town of Schwabisch Hall from 14-16 January this year.

The meeting was organised by the Greek-German Convention who promote and facilitate the exchange of information and technology between local authorities in various sectors.

New methods of recycling, composting and incineration of waste were examined. Local authorities from various Greek islands, including Paxos, showed special interest in the innovative anti-pollution incineration technology now available. Due to special filters and ways of dealing with the afterburn the incineration of waste produces no airbourne pollutants whilst at the same time generating electrical energy thus substantially reducing the cost of waste management.

At present, incineration is forbidden by law, but new legislation is being discussed. From 2025 European guidelines will forbid the burial of waste and the creation of landfills in any form. For this reason the Paxos Municipality is looking at participation in this innovative programme, which will also give us the ability to link the energy produced by the incineration unit to the sewage treatment plant, thus reducing the cost of its operation.

Spiros Vlachopoulos
Mayor of Paxos

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