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After a gap of 6 years, this spring Paxos looks forward to welcoming the new hydroplane service operated by Hellenic Seaplanes.

The Corfu facilities are ready and the company expects the licences for the Paxos and Patras operations to be issued within the next two months.  Much of the infrastructure is already in place in Paxos thanks to the  AirSea Lines hydroplane service which operated between 2004-2008.  During the first phase the company will operate 2 Canadian hydroplanes in conjunction with the Greek aviation company 'K2 SmartJets' and will maintain a staff of 10 in Corfu.

Future plans include the construction of another 13 water 'runways' across Greece with Crete being the next in line (4 runways).

The seaplanes will hopefully prove to be a very useful addition to Paxos, benefitting  not only tourism, but also providing a means by which serious medical emergencies can be swiftly airlifted from the island, aiding search and rescue efforts and providing assistance in putting out small scale fires.